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PSC 2018 Summer Pilot Participants_edite

 Summer Workshops 

Project Self Control holds Summer Workshop Programs.
Workshop participants don't really know what to expect until they arrive.
This picture is halfway through the first day of a past workshop.
You can see from the joy on their faces that they were happy and having fun.
It was the beginning of a wonderful four weeks of a journey that ended with them all
performing a fabulous play for their family and friends. 

Winkie Jamail Bio

About Director Winkie Ballas Jamail

Producer • Voice Performance Coach • Director/Writer (Screen & Song) • Educator • Conference Speaker

With over 30 years of experience as a Producer/Writer/Vocalist/Dancer/Actress/Educator, Winkie states, “I have been performing since I was in my Mother’s womb”.

She has performed at the MGM Arena in Vegas and Caesar’s in Tahoe where she did live shows for CBS, ABC, A&E and ESPN. Winkie was cast as MARY MAGDALENE in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR with Equinox theatre.  She also toured the US as lead vocalist for the JIMMY CLANTON SHOWBAND, performed live at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL in England for the DUAL OF THE GIANTS, and performed live in Xian China.


Winkie's talents don't end in performance.  She produced, wrote, and recorded 26 CD’s for Dance Vision International (all currently being sold), produced an original orchestral piece to be presented to the SULTAN of OMAN, and produced and directed HOUSTON PERFORMS America!  She continues to freelance as a Special Artist in a variety of venues.


Winkie currently directs yearly showcases highlighting her PRIVATE VOICE STUDENTS whose ages range from kindergarten to college.  She also teaches those who just want to sound good in church. She has proven her belief, ”Everybody can learn to sing as long as they have the desire”.

She serves as the Musical Director at World Theater in Katy, Tx, and is a Certified EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT, ( specializing in Classroom Management and Differentiated Instruction in Acting, Music and Dance for grades Pre-K through 12.

Winkie has a heart for the youth and is the co-founder of Project Self Control. She desires to bring her vast background of national and international performance, teaching, directing and coaching to young people. She states, “After working with children and young adults for 30 years, I know for a fact those who develop their “artistic side” are more likely to succeed in reaching their hearts desires. Self-control is developed and exercised when learning any art form.”

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