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Self-Esteem Inventory Survey Report Summer Pilot Program 


This report is based on 16 participants, 3 Male and 13 Female.


PSC Kids are expected to participate in all Self-Esteem building and Musical Theater activities, and must remain in the 4-week          summer workshop (9 am to 1 PM) and are required to take a "Self Esteem Inventory" (SEI) survey in the 1st and 4th week of            the workshop.


PROGRESS: All 16 participants remained in the 4-week summer workshop (9 am to 1PM). All took 2 “Self Esteem Inventory”            (SEI) surveys.

All participants are required to take a SEI survey at the beginning of the workshop to establish a baseline SEI score. Upon                completion of the workshop a secondary SEI survey is administered. Final SEI scores are then compared to baseline                        scores to track improvement in the area of self-esteem.

SEI Survey Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (2005).                Violence-Related Attitudes, Behaviors and influences Among Youths; A Compendium of Assessment Tools, 2nd ed. Atlanta,              GA: Dahlberg LL. Toal SB, Swahn M. Behrens CB. Electronic version available: http//

PROGRESS: In the first week 3 of the 16 participants (1 male 2 female) scored below average (1% - 49%) on the self-esteem          survey; 9 of the 16 participants (1 male 8 female) scored average (50% - 79%); 4 of the 16 participants (1 male 3 female)

scored above average (80% to 100%).

In the last week all 16 Participants (3 male 13 female) scored above average showing significant improvement in their

self-esteem. See result chart below. .


Upon graduating high school, those who remain in the program will receive between $3,000 and $5,000 in scholarship funds.            Participants must remain in the program through graduation.

All 16 participants have signed up to continue the program through graduating high school.


Following is a chart on the surveys taken during the first week and the last week of the workshop. Significant improvement

was made in the areas of self-worth and self-confidence, resulting in higher self-esteem, in all 16 participants.

Summary: 16 Participants (3 male 13 female) scored above average in the 4th week of the workshop and showed a significant          improvement in their self-esteem. The 16 participants qualified and signed up to continue the program through graduating high          school.

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